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H1017 Bricksquad Mafia SWading 1

Listen to the single that could change the world with it's message of hope and peace and sweet melodics mixed with heavy lyricism courtesy of Akon and BSM1017's own B3B3 & ADAM G SOUL 
  1. LOCAL
    OG Mack Drama is not just the CEO of BrickSquad Mafia SW, he is also one of the most known names in his current city of residence; Phoenix... along with the rest of Arizona, Nevada and the South Western United States. He and his artists are locked in and plugged in to everything on a local level and are the ones to get at your show or event if you want to be taken seriously too.
    The reach of the label and it's CEO are by no means limited to the American Southwest or even America. While his cult status in the states was solidified recently when Empire writers speculated publicly over who the shows lead character; Luscious Lyon was based upon, OG Mack Drama's name came up in a shortlist of only a few other names including Jay-Z and P Diddy.
    While most companies in the Entertainment Business are either locked in to the local scene or even national scene and know everyone in their scene from street sales and hitting the pavement and doing shows BUT have no website, no real google search results, sometimes not even a way to generate revenue in sales or streams online. OR have all online avenues locked in BUT have no prescence in the local music community... BSM1017 is lead by a master of both.


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